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Michael Durrow

I Represent Progressive Democratic Values:

Transparency in Government


Accountability in Government

Freedom of Speech

Freedom of Conscience

Freedom of Expression

Freedom from Government Surveillance

Freedom of Association

Equality of Opportunity - everyone gets a fair shot

A Progressive Tax Structure - Equitable distribution of Burdens and Benefits

Economies Do Not Self-Regulate

Equality Under the law - everyone plays by the same rules

Conservation - Do More with Less

Equality Under the Law - Politicians Bankers and the Wealthy are Not Above the Law

Harm Reduction - Decriminalization of Drug Possession

Decriminalization of Hemp - Hemp Conserves Wood Products

Regulatory Structure around Cannabis similar to Alcohol Regs - Keep it away from Children

Diversity Leads to Better Government

The Right to Collective Bargaining

A Ladder out of Homelessness and Poverty

Animals Deserve Freedom from Cruelty

Evidence Based Policy Making

I Serve the People, the People Don’t Serve Me

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